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Oak Prairie Choirs

The Oak Prairie Choir Program consists of elective courses students may choose to enroll in. There are three grade level choirs: 6th, 7th, and 8th. Hi-C Choir is an extra-curricular ensemble for 7th and 8th grade ladies who pass an audition. The B.B.C. (Bulldog Boys Choir), is an extra-curricular ensemble open to all gentlemen grades 6-8. Both Hi-C and The B.B.C. rehearse after school.


This program currently has high standards of excellence to uphold. In the past, both the 8th Grade Choir and Hi-C Choir have competed at the IGSMA (Illinois Grade School Music Association) Large Group Contest, received Division I Rankings, and have been invited to participate at the state level.

8th Grade Choir, March 2014

Curriculum at a Glance

This performance-based class provides 3 concerts throughout the school year. ​


  1. December: a traditional winter season concert

  2. March: a combined concert with OP Bands (7th & 8th grade only)

  3. May: a themed, choreographed concert

Extra Performance Opportunities

A Vocal Solo & Ensemble Festival will be held in the spring semester by the music department of District 92. All students will be welcome to work on a solo individually and/or a song in a small ensemble (4-9 members). Students will need to work together outside of the school day if in an ensemble. The Festival will have judges who will work with each event immediately after a performance of the song and also provide written feedback. Students may also optionally participate in the Illinois Grade School Music Association (IGSMA) Solo & Ensemble Festival.


Sib Program

Incoming 6th grade choir students are paired up with an 8th grade choir member as their Mentor, or “Big Sib”. These responsible 8th graders serve to welcome our newest members and encourage them to be themselves as they navigate this transitional time of middle school.




Our Annual Cookie Dough Fundraiser will take place again this fall, and thanks to all efforts we have been able to better equip our fine ensembles. Every choir student directly benefits from this fundraiser. Recently, we were very fortunate to be able to purchase choral risers and a sound shell. Other items this fundraiser helps with are: registration fees, accompanist fees, purchasing more music, and deferring the cost for both t-shirts and our bowling social. If you and your family are “all fundraiser-ed out”, please consider donating your time at one of the Market Days.

Concert Attire

For all choirs, performance attire for the December and March concerts is dress-up white tops and black bottoms. ​

The Bulldog Boys Choir, March 2014

7th Grade Choir, March 2014

6th Grade Choir, March 2014

  1. Tops may be long, short or ¾ sleeves, and keep in mind your undergarments should also be white or nude. No jeans, yoga/leggings/athletic pants for bottoms.

  2. If ladies choose to wear skirts, they must be appropriate length. Leggings are fine with a skirt over it, but not as pants (and please wear either tights, nylons or leggings under a skirt). Make sure your shoes are comfortable, and no gym shoes.

  3. Ties are not required for gentlemen, but they are encouraged to wear a holiday tie for the December concert if they have access to one.

If students are struggling to find appropriate white/black attire, Oak Prairie does have a limited amount of white tuxedo shirts and black tuxedo pants for students to borrow.


For the End of the Year Show in May, we will have a t-shirt designed by students and they will be worn with nice jeans and tennis shoes. 

Hi-C Choir, March 2014

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