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Choir Update #1

Hello all!

I finally have the blog going to keep everybody updated on the choir program here at Oak Prairie Jr. High.

As a reminder, please remind the students to keep using their practice tracks at home. This will be beneficial to the class as we continue to make our rehearsals more musical and focus on technique rather than chucking out notes every day. These practice tracks are available in Google Classroom in the "About" section. The kids are making some great music in class!

Please remember that our concert is December 19th at 7pm. The call time is 6pm for all choirs at Lockport East Township High School. Make sure that your students have the appropriate concert attire. Please refer to the Choir Handbook for details.

The Cookie Dough orders were placed last week with a delay in obtaining money and order forms. I have not heard from the fundraiser company yet--I am hoping that the pickup date will be before Thanksgiving Break. If not, it will be after we come back from break as I know that some folks may be leaving town for the week. I will update everyone as soon as I hear from the company. Thank you for helping out the students with the forms and handling the money!

We will be having another Choir Social December 21st at the school from 2:30-4:00pm. We will be watching a Christmas movie to celebrate the end of the Fall semester and our first concert of the year. I will be sending out permission slips at the beginning of December.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thank you for supporting your program, and hope to meet you at the concert!

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