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Choir December Update #2 - IMPORTANT!

Tomorrow is the day! Please be sure that all BBC members are at LTHS East Campus by 5:45pm and all other choir members need to be there at 6:00pm. Remember to complete the Google Classroom assignments (Choir Outfit Assignment and Winter Concert Individual Voice Check) before tomorrow!

Remember that if your student is not in school during the day tomorrow, they cannot be at the concert because it is a school event. If they do not attend the concert, it will take a big impact on their grade for the class. They must be present for the entire duration of the concert.

You should have your student dress up for the occasion tomorrow during school. If you cannot, it is not a requirement--just for fun :)

The Choir Social is 2:30-4:00pm Thursday after school. Please feel free to send food (not handled by latex and must be nut-free), cups, napkins, and paper plates with your students if they are attending. Again, it is not a requirement to attend or bring party supplies. If your student is attending, please remember to send the permission slips in.

This Friday we are going to Reed School to perform a couple of our concert pieces and have a sing-a-long with the 2nd and 3rd grade. We will be leaving around 9:00am and coming back to Oak Prairie around 10:30am. Please keep in mind that if you have Lunch A, there is a chance you might miss this lunch period because it is an early dismissal schedule (Lunch A will be 10:16-10:38). Please let me know if your student needs to make prior arrangements to attend a different lunch period that day.

Please also make sure to dress up in holiday wear/colors for Friday! Wear red and green or any variety of ugly Christmas sweaters!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me. Thank you for your continuous support of the students and the District 92 Music Program!

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