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  • Miss Tolentino


To address the question of rescheduling the concert: Mr. Rank and I cannot say if we will be able to have the concert rescheduled anytime soon due to the recent events concerning COVID-19. We will keep everyone updated as much as possible.

I am looking to possibly have a music education professor have a clinic with them during the school day. I am thinking of also making a recorded audio clip available for friends and family, since these students have not had the opportunity to present their hard work. Again, I will work on further details of this and keep everyone informed.

Parents of Hi-C Students: IGSMA is offering for participating ensembles to submit audio recordings of their performances to receive feedback. They would like the audio to be submitted before 5pm on March 17th, and unfortunately, that is an institute day for us.

I am open to suggestions. My thoughts are to either have this done after school tomorrow (until 3:30 or 4, likely 4) or during the time allotted originally on Saturday at Oak Prairie, if we are allowed to use the time and space. Please communicate with me via email or have the students relay messages via Google Classroom.

I am waiting to hear of any updates on the decision for the 6th grade choir/band assembly next week and will send out a notification as soon as I find out.

As always, thank you for the support of the music program at Oak Prairie. Please contact me if you have further questions or concerns.