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E-Learning: Choir, General Music, and Guitar

Updated: Mar 19

As you know, you already have most of your stuff online via Google Classroom because that’s how my classes are. If you need anything printed, however, that’ll be a different story. You may be able to print at home or (if) the public library is open. Most of the things you have will be available online and written in PDF form on Classroom.

Each of you should have the Zoom App on your iPads. When you open it, sign in with Google using your student account.

On Google Classroom, I will be sharing a link that will bring you to the “Meeting” session for your class period. I will hold these meetings during the following designated times during the week.

2nd Period (7th Grade Choir) 10:30-11:00

5th Period (8th Grade Choir) 11:15-11:45

3rd and 6th Period (6th Grade General Music) 12:00-12:30

7th Period (6th Grade Choir) 12:30-1:00

8th Period (7th & 8th Grade Guitar) 1:00-1:30

With Zoom, I will be able to answer questions via video and group chat. All school rules, policies, and class expectations apply for these online meeting spaces. If you have multiple devices (phone, tablet, computer), you can have this meeting open while working on something else. If you only have one device, you can still have this meeting running while you are on another app or program. If you have no devices for any reason, just let me know. It's okay if you don't!

At the beginning of each period of time, you can check in with me if you have questions or would like me to go over something. This can be for general music questions, like doing the melody analysis or reviewing other things, and can be for choir or guitar where I can demonstrate musical performance skills.

You will be submitting logs of what you accomplished each day under the Participation & Behavior assignments in the private comment section. Make sure you write in the date to indicate where your points will apply. For example:

All of your submissions and uploads have time stamps and dates on them. It is best to upload as much evidence as possible. Take screenshots, photos, screen recordings, or videos and attach them to the Participation & Behavior assignments as your evidence.

By the end of the week, if you didn’t post any comments, attach evidence, etc., I will give you points accordingly. Obviously, if these things aren't so possible for you in these times, please communicate with me. I am flexible, understanding, and accommodating, but I am counting on you to be accountable and responsible!

I will always be available via email. If you need to only instant message me for any reason, you can use the chat feature on the Oak Prairie Choirs website main page (the website you are currently on): https://www.oakprairiechoirs.com/

You can also contact me on Instagram: @oakprairiechoir

Don't be afraid to ask any questions or bring up any concerns. Even if you want to pop into the Zoom meeting or shoot a message on Classroom/Instagram/Zoom and say hi, check in with anything, or update me on what else is happening in your life, those are all always welcome.

Each class has a specific set of online learning set up for them. Please scroll down to the appropriate categories for more information.

General Music

Students will be allowed to turn in whatever they have completed according to their checklist. Everything is available on Google Classroom. Unfortunately, since some students do not have ukuleles at home, not all assignments will be accomplished, and that is acceptable. If a student has a ukulele at home, feel free to work on ukulele-related assignments.

Students do have the piano app on their iPads. They can use this to accomplish other tasks and activities available to them on the General Music Google Classroom.

There are no set deadlines for these assignments and activities, so these students are encouraged to take it upon themselves to further their learning. The quarter will NOT be switching over while we are not having regular classes, so students can work on their assignments at their own pace for general music until further notice.

Students were given a checklist at the beginning of the quarter. I will be posting this on Google Classroom, along with an "advanced" checklist for those who have worked ahead, along with making those assignments available for them.


Students who did not have a guitar at home were sent home with a school-issued guitar on Friday. Please continue working at home as usual, and if you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I will make all check-in assignments available on Classroom in the upcoming week.

If you want more than 15 check-ins to do, just let me know and I'll make them available to you. You may skip to another check-in at this point.

In the event that we are out of school for an unexpected amount of time, I will make an assignment available for you to upload your Final Song Project. Otherwise, if we are in session by the end of the next quarter, be prepared to perform. :)

Here's an online tuner for those of you who need it: https://tuner-online.com/


Students should practice and show the results of their practice throughout the week. The following activities can be done at your own pace:

  • 3-5 Lines of Sight Reading

  • 3-5 Lines of Rhythm Clapping

  • Practice your repertoire (can be 8 measures of each piece, 8 measures of one piece, or an entire song run-through. You may select the amount as long as you are showing progress).

  • Turn in other assignments

  • Turn in MIOSM repertoire (pictures are fine, turn in the paper copy later)

You can submit one long video, or use iMovie to piece together several videos and make one submission on Google Classroom.

To rehearse with other parts, I will have audio available that has the other parts sung, minus the one you are practicing. These will be available in the coming week.

Eventually, when we come back, we’re going to dive right into the music for the Spring Concert. You don’t want to be the irresponsible one that didn’t practice during this time at all and come in unprepared for rehearsal.

In the event that we do not have a spring concert, I do plan on making a virtual choir. Students should prepare for this so they can eventually submit videos to me to splice together.

Example: (I'm in this one! I did it in high school :) See if you can spot me!!!)

Obviously, I won’t get as fancy as the example, but I can at least put videos together. I’m already in the process of putting together audio that Hi-C has uploaded and plan on sharing it to make up for not having performed in a concert.

I have recorded audio of the 7th/8th and 6th Grade Choirs, and once I clean those up, I will upload them to the Oak Prairie Choirs Website to share with friends and family.

Students will have the piano app to help them practice their music, along with the practice tracks I will make available on Google Classroom. If they want more specific help, they can contact me and enter their Zoom meeting at the designated times.

Students who need paper copies of music will be able to pick it up in a crate on top of my cart during the iPad pickup times tomorrow from 8am-5pm. Students can also pick up their binders that they left in my room in a box next to the crate on top of my iPad cart.

6th Graders should have all of their music, but there are a couple copies left in case you lost yours.

7th Graders need to pick up all new music.

8th Graders should only need to pick up We Are the Champions.