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OP Choir Update - May

Good afternoon OP Choir Students and Parents,

Here are some important updates regarding the next few weeks for OP Choirs.

  • PowerSchool and Choir Assignments

  • Spring Virtual Choir Concert (Due May 14th)

  • Calling OP Alumni - “Africa” Virtual Choir

  • Hi-C: IGSMA Recordings

PowerSchool and Choir Assignments

Regarding the E-Learning attachment I sent out, I have announced that I will be primarily communicating all assignment and grade statuses through PowerSchool. Because Google Classroom does not allow specific functions as easily as PowerSchool, such as labeling for missing/incomplete/collected, and because PowerSchool should be regularly checked, I have been relying on PowerSchool to indicate whether an assignment has been graded, collected, collected but incomplete, or missing. This is different from my previous method where I relied heavily on Google Classroom’s grading system.

As of May 5th, 2020, at 4:15pm, all choir grades have been updated. Please check your student’s grades, especially by clicking the grade itself to view all of the assignments listed. I have been scoring 1’s for complete assignments, and anything below indicates that the assignment is either incomplete or missing. I have not been marking off points for late turn-ins and will still give full credit. I have also given students a 7-day grace period to turn in assignments after the selected due date on PowerSchool in order to allow them time to complete assignments, and after that grace period, I enter a zero in order for the system to notify parents of the missing assignment.

The choir assignments are designed to be finished with diligence and consistency. The expectation to practice all of the spring music every day has not changed, as this should only take 15-20 minutes and can be done simultaneously with other tasks (such as listening to the tracks during chores, in the shower, etc.). This expectation has been set since the beginning of the year.

Students can attend the Zoom meetings in order to complete the daily sight reading and rhythms required in the E-Learning Activity Logs. If they miss the Zoom meetings, it should take no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete 3 days worth of these exercises.

In communicating with parents and students about E-Learning, I have noticed that some students are allowing their workload across all of their classes to pile up. I understand the stress and feeling overwhelmed, and there have been many flexible accommodations made to attend to these needs. If students need a few more days to complete their assignments in order to complete assignments for other classes, they simply need to communicate with me.

Spring Concert Virtual Choir - Due May 14th at 1:00pm

The following instructions were given to students via Google Classroom regarding submitting their final videos for the Virtual Choir:

1. VISUAL: when you record the final video, you should be square and centered in your video. You should also be wearing either the OP Music Polo OR the OP Choir Bulldogs T-Shirt (unfortunately, some people won’t have this and that’s okay!). Make sure you have a good background (school appropriate) and no one walking behind you. Please make sure that there is decent lighting.

2. AUDIO: there should be no other sounds in the video other than your voice. You MUST be listening to the MuseScore tracks in a pair of headphones from a separate device (except for Uptown Girl and We Are the Champions - you can use the individual voice part tracks to follow). This is SUPER important in order to line up your voice rhythmically with everyone else and the accompaniment tracks. If you are using a computer, it is possible to have a window with the tracks playing while you are recording using a webcam application.

3. VIDEO SUBMISSION: please submit each individual song into the designated assignments (i.e. Africa should go into Africa on Classwork). This means there is a separate recording for each song, and NONE of them should be combined.

4. SHEET MUSIC: all songs should have solfege labeled. Circle of Life is the only one that should need IPA (not every instance - a few measures is fine for each section), and I posted that in the Stream. Please DO NOT submit individual pictures into the assignments, as there will be too many attachments. Please DO use Notability OR Google Docs. You can create a new file and take a picture of each page and put them into the Notability file or Google Doc. For Notability, you may need to export to Drive first before you can attach it to the assignment. The music should be attached along with your final video in the designated assignment.

Other notes:

*This means you DO NOT have to be memorized, but you should be comfortable enough to sing through the song without interruption.

*You are allowed to have the music off to the side for you to view while recording.

The videos will be done that weekend and released on Monday, May 18th. You will have a full two weeks after that to watch the Virtual Choir Concert and complete the Concert Evaluation, which is similar to the process of the MIOSM Concert Evaluation.

6th and 7th graders who are in choir next year, you may keep your binders in a safe place at home. We will figure out cleaning them out in the fall. Otherwise, you can have it dropped off at the school and it will get delivered to my room.

8th graders, when you return your iPad, you will turn in your binder. Don’t forget about your current/baby pic, or I’ll be using your school photo :)

Calling OP Alumni - Africa Virtual Choir

If you were an OP Choir Alumni, I am reaching out to you for an opportunity to appear in our virtual choir videos. We will be performing with the choir arrangement of “Africa” by Toto that we used in Spring 2018. If you are interested in submitting videos according to the above guidelines, email me and I will send you the practice tracks.

Please spread the word if you receive this!

Hi-C: IGSMA Recordings

IGSMA has reached out to all participants that they can submit ANY recordings for a judges panel to evaluate and reward medals. I asked about submitting our collective individual voices, and they are acceptable.

We already have half of our ensemble put into our spliced recordings of “Ad Astra” and “There Will Come Soft Rains,” so I would like to complete this by having the rest of the ensemble submit their recordings. “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” will need to be carefully checked through for the correct tracks.

The deadline for these recordings is May 13th, in order for me to edit the full submissions to be turned in by May 15th.

As always, please contact me via email if you have any questions or concerns. I am flexible and understanding of all circumstances. We can all get through this together :) Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


Miss T.

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